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Wonderful stuff. Had me involuntarily grinning for a moment before I caught myself. This seems to be how I feel way too often.

Not bad.

I didn't really mind the voice acting, since I didn't understand the language. xD That usually kind of masks things for me. I liked that he got his ass whooped, too. :) Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Great stuff

I love this. Though I'm not as big of a fan of the other two, FLCL is great, and you captured it nicely. Good job. XD

Your other movies are great too, I just don't want to say the same thing 6 other times.

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I love that you took a KSP bent for this one.

And old school? Please =P Fun is fun. I still play roguelikes.

Great start! Miles ahead of most recent colony sims out of the gate (coughunclaimedworldcough). Dunno if it's feasible, but a larger map and colonist-built constructions to throw a wrench in your planning (destroy them at the cost of morale) would be cool, and add a lot to that SimCity vibe.

Read some nice stuff on this. My one and only complaint is that sometimes the font choices you guys use are rather painful to look at for long. If I ever come up with an idea suited to this format, I'd love to contribute a story.

Evil-Dog responds:

What story did you find had a bad font? PM me

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Lost it at 'Fart. :|' Love the realistic stereo placement. 10/5 would play in clubs on repeat until I got kicked out without my apple juice for being too awesome.

The very end just makes this all the more badass, like 'I don't even give a fuck I just made this awesome tune and I know it's good, so farts.' I love it. I just wish you had made it longer, haha.

This would be great as the title loop for some really epic actiony thing, transitioning into the full work at game start... I'm imagining fantasy themed violence! Gratuitous gnome-surfing through caverns of warped psychotic delvelings! Riding through a forest on horseback trying to flee a ravenous horde of gibbering fishmen, leading them straight into the waiting ambush of your comrades. Gliding through a treetop landscape with a skimstaff and collecting... chickenfruit?

I don't know. It's tense and exciting like a title screen should be :) Got that Audiosurf feel for the synths. Looking forward to the finished work.

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I want a roman-style marble statue like this on my front lawn. It's the nipple.

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