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Posted by Eagleon - January 22nd, 2016

Tired of previous journal staring at me, silently judging me. The book will be done when it's done =P

Currently working mostly on music - thinking of releasing another album this year, this time a little more coherent than mashing together a bunch of singles - and quietly honing my regular-thing drawing skills, which you really don't need to see haha.

Posted by Eagleon - October 23rd, 2015

NaNo 2015 "lost," but at 39k words I still plan to finish the thing.


If you like sci-fi, look forward to Biota. It's set 300~ years in the future, when artificial lifeforms have populated the asteroid belt, and spacers prowl the void to harvest the engineering marvels they present. My intent is to take a sidestep away from the singularity/ascension fiction that's taken over sci-fi of late, and explore a few other possibilities that might blindside us.

Posted by Eagleon - September 6th, 2015

This chart gathered by travelers to the end of time proves that our future lies with Coca-Cola as our guiding light!


(*You might require some explanation for the odd dip that occurs after 2088 - at this point, life expansion technology has exceeded logarithmically our capacity to extend our normal lifecycle as humans, and we begin to transition towards beings of pure fructose, living faster rather than longer within our simulation cells.)

(*The fifth millenium coincides with the explosive growth of a genocidal group known as the Order of Basil, who actually succeeded in ripping trillions from their paradise within the Syrutopia to die horrifically of natural causes.  After their downfall close to 5000 years later, we see a gradual accumulation of life extension treatments, inferior but supplementing HFCS as a way to continue Neumann's law well until the heatdeath of the universe.)

In conclusion, eating gallons and gallons of HFCS-containing product - the purer the better - can and will make you live longer. These claims are substantiated by extensive research at some point or another - we'll get to it - and are not at all a matter of simple correlation like the government-controlled universities may want you to believe. The numbers literally speak for themselves.

Posted by Eagleon - August 17th, 2015

Disregard whiny shitpost, I just found this

http://www.amazon.com/Syba-SD-CM-UAUD-Adapter-C-Media-Chipset/dp/B001MSS6CS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1439832223&sr=8-2 (holy fuck amazon, $8.02 shipping for something you could mail in a letter envelope. I'll figure something else out)

and while on the downside I'll need a usb hub for midi keyboard to work at the same time, oh look I already have one from my broken desktop. Resiliance


Update: Adapter came in, and after disabling 44>48 in ASIO is working. Sort of. Yay :3

Posted by Eagleon - March 26th, 2015



First album. Now on bittorrent bundles, because I'm not sure why not?

Posted by Eagleon - December 7th, 2014


Sure, why not? :D


Adjust the value of the first to whatever phase you like (0.25 for 1/4 for example), and then adjust the second two to cover the proper range along the line.

WHO WANTS SOME MATHS?! I'm feeling mathy. Anyone else ever stare wistfully at the mapping formula window and wonder what could have been? Well, don't. It's totally your best friend, just a little shy and needing some google stalking to open up.

... I need sleep.

Posted by Eagleon - September 10th, 2014

Introductions! My last one of these was kind of stupid because I didn't really know what Newgrounds had become since I left, and was deleted. I guess I should introduce myself instead of dropping in on random topics in the forums like some weirdo until people know me somehow! Bad habit. Bad.

I'm a musician. I do abstract art aspiring towards Giger and Escher, write stupidly long posts because I like writing sue me, and hang around the Bay12Games forums since forever. I'd also like to dabble in some mad science, but that requires money.

I came here after hearing that there might be more animators coming back to what was basically my childhood home on the internet (along with albinoblacksheep) due to Youtube's bullshit. I should have known that there was a community here, but it's become so rare to see. I hope I can add something of worth. I don't have a lot of time for computer in general atm. Job-hunting, and procrastinating as necessary to keep my sanity.